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Allnex is a leading supplier of resins, additives and crosslinkers for industrial, architectural and automotive coatings, adhesives, plastics, inks, and consumer electronics.

  • Energy Cure Resins

  • EBECRYL® 100% solids UV-curable resins and oligomers
  • UCECOAT® waterborne UV-curable resins
  • Waterborne Resins

  • RESYDROL® waterborne alkyd emulsions
  • MACRYNAL®, VIACRYL® and UCECRYL® waterborne acrylic dispersions
  • BECKOPOX™ waterborne solid epoxy dispersions
  • DUROXYN® 1K waterborne cationic epoxy ester resins
  • DAOTAN® waterborne polyurethane dispersions
  • BECKOCOAT® 1K moisture curing polyurethane resins
  • Solventborne Resins

  • VIALKYD® high solids solvent-based alkyds and oil free polyesters
  • VIACRYL® solventborne acrylic resins
  • MACRYNAL® high solids polyol
  • DUROFTAL® polyester resins
  • Phenolic Resins

  • PHENODUR® phenolic resins
  • PHENODUR® PR specially formulated solvent-based and waterborne resins
  • ALPEX® cyclized rubber resins, alkyd resins and plasticizers
  • ALNOVOL® phenolic novolac resins
  • Powder Coating Resins

  • CRYLCOAT® thermosetting polyester resins
  • UVECOAT® radiation curable resins
  • MODAFLOW® flow agents
  • SYNTHACRYL® matting agents
  • BECKOPOX® hardeners
  • ADDITOL® master batches
  • Rubber Conpounding Resins

  • ALNOVOL® functionalized phenolic resins
  • CYREZ® melamine resins for adhesion and crosslinking in rubber
  • Additives

  • ADDITOL® and MODAFLOW® rheology additives and defoamers
  • CYCAT® organic acid catalysts
  • Amino Crosslinkers

  • CYMEL® amino crosslinkers
  • CYMEL® NF formaldehyde free amino crosslinkers
  • Urethane Specialties

  • Isocyanate monomers for waterborne and/or high solids solvent formulations
Trade Names: 

Allnex’ numerous trade names are listed in the Products section.

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