Isocyanate and Amine Crosslinkers


Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, with an extensive and varied product line providing performance benefits to coatings, adhesives, construction, composites, polymer manufacture and numerous other industries. Evonik Crosslinkers play an important role in all major modern coating, composite and adhesive technologies as well as in radical crosslinking technologies for rubber and plastic. In addition to the Evonik Crosslinkers shown here, other Evonik divisions include Adhesives & Coatings Polymers, and VISIOMER® Methacrylate Monomers.


Aliphatic diisocyanates for light stable PUR systems
Polyisocyanate crosslinkers for high performance PUR coatings
Powder coating crosslinkers
Hydroxyalkylamide systems
Blocked polyisocyanate systems
Blocking agent free uretdione polyisocyanate adducts
Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diamines
Isophorone diamine
Trimethyl hexamethylene diamine

Trade Names