Calcium Carbonates


IMERYS is a leading international supplier of high-performance minerals that are used to enhance processing, cost-effectiveness, and performance in a broad range of industries. Imerys Carbonates offers a diverse set of products suited for a wide range of applications including plastics, breathable film, paints & coatings, building & construction, adhesives, caulks & sealants, nonwoven fabrics, coal mine safety, food & pharmaceutical products, paper, and lawn care. Leveraging years of industry experience and global research & development teams, Imerys Carbonates is capable of creating custom products to achieve the desired benefits of customers’ end products. Imerys strives to innovate and develop products that provide cutting edge technology with cost-effective formulations.


Calcium Carbonates
Dry and wet ground Calcium Carbonates
USP Precipitated Calcium carbonates
NSF Calcium Carbonates
Screen Grade Calcium Carbonates
Treated Calcium Carbonates

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Trade Names

Calcium Carbonate Trade Names
White™, 40-200™, Atomite®, Calwhite™, Camel-Cal™, Camel-Fine™, Camel-Wite®, CC-103®, CP Filler®, Drikalite®, Duramite®, Gamaco®, Gama-Sperse®, ImerSeal™, ImerTiX™, Kotamite®, Mar’Blend®, Micro-White®, Pool Mix®, SnowFlake® P.E., Supercoat®, Supermite®

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