Diatomaceous Earth Filtering Minerals, Perlite


IMERYS is a leading supplier of engineered mineral products derived from diatomite (also called diatomaceous earth or D.E.) and expanded perlite, natural raw materials possessing unusually light density, chemical inertness, high surface area and intricate structure. Imerys Filtration products are used in a host of applications, including filtration for liquid/solid separation, functional fillers for paints, coatings, polymers and elastomers, bioreactor support, and in the promotion of plant growth.


Diatomite Products
Celite®, Kenite®, Diactiv®, Primisil®, Diafil®, CelTiX™, Celite Cynergy®, Chromosorb®

Synthetic Calcium & Magnesium Silicates
Micro-cel®, Cal-Flo®, Celkate®, Silasorb™

Cellulose Products

Fixed Bed Media

Expanded Perlite Products and Perlite Ore
Harborlite®, Europerl®

Perlite Filter Media
AquaPerl™ for swimming pool filters

Alumino Silicate Products
OpTiMat™ for the coatings industry

Trade Names

Imerys Filtration Minerals trade names are listed in the products section.